Ariana Grande Seating Plan - The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena Address Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX


You can see Ariana Grande on 25 May 2017 - 26 May 2017 at The O2 Arena

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The O2 Arena Seating Plan Block Layout for Ariana Grande

Make sure you get the best view of Ariana Grande at The O2 Arena. Here is the seating layout for The O2 Arena.

Ariana Grande Seating Plan at The O2 Arena
Ariana Grande The O2 Arena Seating Plan

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at The O2 Arena. Seat block A1 gets the best rating at The O2 Arena. Click for more information.

Seat Block A1
Seat Block 419
Seat Block 405
Seat Block 117
Seat Block 107

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Ariana Grande 25/05/2017£65.49

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Ticket Availability 25 May 2017 Block Row Min Price
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Level 1 Seating107S£50Buy Now
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Level 1 Seating110N£80Buy Now
Level 1 Seating110H£84Buy Now
Level 4 Seating403M£84.95Buy Now
Level 1 VIP Club Seats and Bar101Z£85.6Buy Now
Level 4 Seating403A£89.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating110£129.69Buy Now
Level 1 VIP Club Seats and Bar102V£149Buy Now
Ticket Availability 26 May 2017 Block Row Min Price
Level 4 Seating421N£53.94Buy Now
Level 4 Seating408K£67Buy Now
Level 1 Seating105V£69.99Buy Now
Level 1 Seating108l£70Buy Now
Level 4 Seating422L£76Buy Now
Level 4 Seating422H£77.5Buy Now
Level 4 Seating401F£77.5Buy Now
Level 4 Seating401J£77.5Buy Now
Level 4 Seating401J£78Buy Now
Level 4 Seating401J£80Buy Now
Level 1 Seating103F£80Buy Now
Level 1 Seating103M£80Buy Now
Level 1 Seating105P£82Buy Now
Level 1 Seating109Z£95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating101S£112.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating112L£112.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating110£118.94Buy Now
Level 1 Seating101Q£119.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating110P£119.98Buy Now
Level 1 Seating112L£129.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating101J£134.95Buy Now
Level 1 Seating£206.64Buy Now
Level 1 Seating£223.94Buy Now
Level 1 Seating£258.52Buy Now
Level 1 Seating102£258.52Buy Now
Level 1 Seating102£275.81Buy Now
FLOOR SEATED£275.81Buy Now
Level 1 Seating111£284.46Buy Now
Level 1 Seating111£301.75Buy Now
Level 1 Seating112£301.75Buy Now
Level 1 Seating102£310.4Buy Now
FLOOR SEATED£327.69Buy Now
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DateTicket Price
25 May 2017Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Tour £35.00 - £55.00
26 May 2017ARIANA GRANDE - DANGEROUS WOMAN TOUR £35.00 - £55.00

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Dangerous Woman My Everything (Deluxe) Yours Truly Into You (3LAU Remix) - Single Bang Bang - Single