About SeatingPlan.net

SeatingPlan.net Mission

Our aim is to be the go to site for seating plan information. We want to provide accurate seating information to our site visitors. Every effort is made to keep this website up to date. If you notice an error or a problem, please send us an enquiry and we'll do our best to the relevant make changes.

SeatingPlan.net Seat Block Ratings

Our seat block rating system collates information submitted by our site users. The information is then displayed to future visitors. Green is the highest rating. Red is the lowest rating.

Submitting a Seat Block View to SeatingPlan.net

SeatingPlan.net users can submit the view from their seat, directly to the website by visiting www.seatingplan.net/submit-image.

SeatingPlan.net Operators

This website, www.seatingplan.net is owned and operated by Routh Media Limited (Registered in England, No 08872762). All enquiries should be directed to info@routhmedia.co.uk.