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Where are the best seats at Co-op Live?

From the ratings submitted, Seat Blocks at Co-op Live have been given an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. This is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Co-op Live. Seat block 315 gets the best rating at Co-op Live. Click for more information.

The Co-op Live in Manchester is a brand new venue with concerts from Olivia Rodrigo and Take That set to wow audiences in 2024.

The Co-op Live is designed with music first, meaning it will boast the largest floor space of any indoor venue, a lower ceiling to help with acoustics, and tiered seating that brings fans closer to the performance.

Seating is numbered in a horse shoe configuration with seat block 101 and 115 closest to the stage and seat block 108 directly opposite.

Behind these seat blocks are the upper tier which is numbered from seat block 301 to 320. Seat blocks 310 and 311 are opposite the stage.

For end stage events, seat blocks 321 to 324 are not used as they are positioned behind the stage.

Co-op Live Address

1 Sports City Way,Etihad Campus
M11 3DU