Co-op Live Seated Seating Plan

Seated events at Co-op Live really show off the venue's capacity, making used of all the tiered seating as well as the floor space to accommodate seat blocks A1 - A3 closest to the stage, B1 - B3 and C1 - C3 at the back of the arena.

Depending on staging requirements, the lower tier seating may only make use of seat blocks 102 to 114, however, there is the option to use seat block 101 and seat block 115 if required. Seat block 108 is furthest from the stage, behind seat blocks D1 and D2.

The upper tier of seating at Co-op Live runs from seat block 301 to 320 which are closest to the stage, with seat block 310 and 311 furthest and directly opposite the stage. Depending on capacity requirements, the upper tiers may not be in use for certain events.

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301302303304305306307308309310311312313314315316317318319320101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115A1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3D1D2seated Seating Plan at Co-op Live
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Where are the best seats at Co-op Live?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Co-op Live. Seat block 315 gets the best rating at Co-op Live. Click for more information.

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