Aviva Stadium Rugby Seating Plan

At Aviva Stadium you get a fantastic view of the Rugby action.

Closest to the rugby pitch, you will find seat blocks 101 to 141, which run in a clockwise direction around the rugby pitch starting from the corner. Opposite to seat block 141 you will find seat block 116 and 117.

The next tier of seating is numbered from seat block 301 to seat block 331 and these run in a horse shoe shape around the pitch starting at seat block 301 behind seat block 102 and running round to seat block 331 behind seat block 126. Seat block 113 is behind the goal mouth.

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Where are the best seats at Aviva Stadium?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Aviva Stadium. Seat block 115 gets the best rating at Aviva Stadium. Click for more information.

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