Etihad Stadium Manchester Standing Seating Plan

During a pitch standing event at Etihad Stadium Manchester such as a music concert, the stage is positioned in front of seat blocks 135 - 140. The lower tier of seating, blocks 101 - 142, may be unreserved, which means that those visitors with general admission standing tickets for Etihad Stadium Manchester may either stand on the boarded pitch or make use of the first tier of seating. The seating in the upper tiers offers excellent views of the stadium, but you may not want to go to far back if you don't have a head for heights.

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Where are the best seats at Etihad Stadium Manchester?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Etihad Stadium Manchester. Seat block 140 gets the best rating at Etihad Stadium Manchester. Click for more information.

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