Leeds Arena WWE/Boxing Seating Plan

Boxing at Leeds Arena is a spectacle in itself. During boxing events, the normal arena floor Seat Blocks A - E are repositioned and the boxing ring is brought close to the spectators on the arena floor. This is then surrounded by Seat Blocks A - K. You'll hear each blow from these seats due to their proximity to the action.

The remaining blocks in the arena are retained. Seat Blocks 101 - 109, offer excellent views of the boxing ring. You'll be immersed by the roar of the crowd behind in these seats. Seats 210 - 220 are slightly further away, so check the video screens for those hard to see punches. Finally seat blocks 321 - 333 offer an amazing view of the arena, but for boxing you may want to be a little closer.

If you fancy a bit of luxury with your boxing, why not try one of the arena's 24 suites. These are ideal for small groups

First Direct Arena Blocks

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at First Direct Arena. Seat block 218 gets the best rating at First Direct Arena. Click for more information.

Seat Block 218
Seat Block 217
Seat Block 105
Seat Block E
Seat Block 215

Make sure you get the best view of events at First Direct Arena. Here is the seating layout for First Direct Arena.

Boxing Seating Plan at First Direct Arena

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Visitor Views of First Direct Arena

View spectator images and videos taken at First Direct Arena from the seat blocks show below

View from block 103 at First Direct Arena
Seat Block 103
View from block 217 at First Direct Arena
Seat Block 217
View from block 219 at First Direct Arena
Seat Block 219
View from block E at First Direct Arena
Seat Block E

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