First Direct Arena Leeds Detailed Seating Plan Row Seat Numbers

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Make sure you get the best view of events at First Direct Arena. Here is our detailed seating layout of First Direct Arena showing seat blocks, seat rows and seat numbers.

detailed Seating Plan at First Direct Arena
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This plan shows detailed information about seat rows and blocks at First Direct Arena

Seat rows have been lettered from front to back of each block. Seats are numbered in an anticlockwise direction. The diagram shows the lowest and highest seat numbers of each seat row. If no numbers are present on a row line, the number of seats has not changed from the number of seats in the row in front.

Each seat block normally contains rows Lettered A-D (omitting the letter I). Each of these rows contain seats normally numbered from 1 onwards. For example, more than one block may contain Row A, Seat 1. There are instances within seat blocks where seat numbers may not start from 1. A good example of this occurs in seat blocks A and E, when configured in their normal positions. There are instances within seat blocks where seat rows may not contain continuous rows of seats. This occurs in seat blocks with more of an irregular shape such as seat blocks 321 - 333.

Where are the best seats at First Direct Arena?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at First Direct Arena. Seat block 105 gets the best rating at First Direct Arena. Click for more information.

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