Hampden Park Detailed Seating Plan

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Make sure you get the best view of events at Hampden Park. Here is our detailed seating layout of Hampden Park showing seat blocks, seat rows and seat numbers.

detailed Seating Plan at Hampden Park

Seating at Hampden Park is located in four stands. The North Stand has an upper and lower tier. The East and West Stands are single tier. The final stand the BT Scotland South Stand is also split into and upper and lower tier. Seat blocks at Hampden Park are allocated a letter and number for instance A1. Seat rows at Hampden Park are allocated letters. Seat rows run from A-Z-AA-ZZ-AAA-ZZZ. Closest to the pitch you will find single letter rows, at the back are triple letter seat rows.

Seat numbers run through each similar letter seat blocks, for instance B1 - B7 contain seat numbers from the lowest seat number of the B seat blocks to the highest seat number of the B seat blocks, 1 - 208. Be aware that seat numbers in the C seat blocks run in the opposite order, seat block C1 holds the highest seat number of 119 and seat block C5 holds the lowest seat number of 1. During concert events, the stage is usually located in front of the North Stand and the pitch is reserved for standing spectators.

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