Liverpool Echo Arena Detailed Seating Plan Row Seat Numbers

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Make sure you get the best view of events at M&S Bank Arena. Here is our detailed seating layout of M&S Bank Arena showing seat blocks, seat rows and seat numbers.

detailed Seating Plan at M&S Bank Arena
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M&S Bank Arena is a fantastic venue, as shown on our detailed seating plan.

Seat blocks A, B and C are front and centre for a fabulous floor view of the stage, with rows ranging from A - KK. Behind these, you will find seat blocks D, E and F, with rows ranging from A to HH.

Surrounding these seat blocks you will find the tiered seating blocks forming a horse shoe shape around the arena. These are numbered in pairs with odd numbered blocks closest to the stage. Seat blocks 1 and 2 are closest to the stage to the left and seat blocks 17 and 18 are closest to the stage a the right. At the rear of the arena you will find seat block 10.

Whether it is a quirk of numbering or superstition, you will notice that there is no seat block 13.

Where are the best seats at M&S Bank Arena?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at M&S Bank Arena. Seat block 1 gets the best rating at M&S Bank Arena. Click for more information.

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