M&S Bank Arena Seated Seating Plan

A fully seated event at M&S Bank Arena makes use of six blocks of seating on the arena floor. These are identified using the letters A-F.

Seat blocks A-C are found at the front of the arena immediately in front of the stage, with seat block A to the left and seat block C to the right.

Behind these, you will find seat blocks D-F, with seat block D to the left and F to the right.

The remaining seat blocks run in a horse shoe shape around the arena, with seat block 10 being furthest away from M&S Bank Arena stage.

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Where are the best seats at M&S Bank Arena?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at M&S Bank Arena. Seat block 1 gets the best rating at M&S Bank Arena. Click for more information.

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