Twickenham Stadium Rugby Seating Plan

Twickenham Stadium is famous for Rugby and as such, it is built for the Rugby spectator in mind.

Closest to the pitch are the L seat blocks. Starting from the south-west corner, they are numbered in a clockwise direction from L1 to L11W in the north-west corner and onward to L19W in the north-east-corner and then on to L30S in the south-east corner, completing the run is L36S in the south-west corner next to block L1.

The same pattern is followed by the next set of M seat blocks and U seat blocks.

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L36L35L34L33L32L31L30L29L28L27L26L25L24L23L22L21L20L19L18L17L16L15L14L13L12L11L10L9L8L7L6L5L4L3L2L1M51M50M49M48M47M46M45M44M43M42M41M40M39M38M37M36M35M34M33M32M31M30M29M28M27M26M25M24M23M22M21M20M19M18M17M16M15M14M13M12M11M10M9M8M7M6M5M4M3M2M1U51U50U49U48U47U46U45U44U43U42U41U40U39U38U37U36U35U34U33U32U31U30U29U28U27U26U25U24U23U22U21U20U19U18U17U16U15U14U13U12U11U10U9U8U7U6U5U4U3U2U1rugby Seating Plan at Twickenham Stadium
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Where are the best seats at Twickenham Stadium?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Twickenham Stadium. Seat block M35 gets the best rating at Twickenham Stadium. Click for more information.

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