Wembley Arena, Dancing On Ice Seating Plan

Feel the chill from the ice by getting as close to the rink as possible. Seat Blocks A1, A2, A5, B1, B5, C2 and C4 mean you are as close to the action as possible, without getting a pair of skates on yourself. You will also have a good view of the action from seat blocks D1 - D5 at Wembley Arena Ice Skating Events. In the tiered seating, the ice dancers are a little further away from you, but you are still guaranteed a spectacular show. Disabled seating is found at the front of the lower tier of seating.

Wembley Arena Blocks

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Wembley Arena. Seat block S7 gets the best rating at Wembley Arena. Click for more information.

Seat Block S7
Seat Block N11
Seat Block A3
Seat Block S5
Seat Block D3

Make sure you get the best view of events at Wembley Arena. Here is the seating layout for Wembley Arena.

C4C2B1D5D4D3D2D1A2A1S15S13S14S11S10S9S7S8S5S6S3E4E3E2E1N14N12N10N8N6N15N13N11N9N7N5N3S12Ice Seating Plan at Wembley Arena

User Rating Heat Map

Using the scores given by our users, we've coloured the seat blocks to give you an idea of where you can find the best seats at Wembley Arena. If no score has been given, we've left the block blue.


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Visitor Views of Wembley Arena

View spectator images and videos taken at Wembley Arena from the seat blocks show below

View from block N7 at Wembley Arena
Seat Block N7
View from block S5 at Wembley Arena
Seat Block S5

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