SSE Arena Wembley Seated Seating Plan

Seated events at SSE Arena Wembley make use of the entire arena floor to create 12 blocks of seating numbered A2 - A4, B2 - B4, C2 - C4 and D2 - D4. Seating can be extending where required with the addition of blocks A1, A5, B1, B5, C1, C5, D1 and D5. Disabled seating areas are positioned along the side of the arena in front of the tiered seating. Along the arena sides there are N seat blocks and S seat blocks. In these sections, even numbered seat blocks are closest to the arena floor and seats are numbered from A - H. Odd seat blocks are furthest away from the arena floor and seats are numbered from J - W. Seat Blocks E1 - E4 are tiered seat blocks furthest away from the stage area and seats are numbered from A - P.

Where are the best seats at SSE Arena Wembley?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at SSE Arena Wembley. Seat block N8 gets the best rating at SSE Arena Wembley. Click for more information.