SSE Arena Wembley Wrestling Seating Plan

Wrestling at the SSE Arena Wembley is a spectacle with the ring taking centre stage.

The ring is positioned in the centre of the arena floor between seat blocks N10 and S10. In a normal seated configuration, the arena floor seat blocks are in rows. However, for wrestling the ring is surrounded by triangular and rectangular seat blocks A1 - A9, resembling a Union Jack. The wrestlers make their way to the ring via a walkway between seat blocks A1 and A9. The arena floor seat blocks are best for wrestling as you are immersed in the action, however the rest of the SSE Wembley Arena seating allows you to soak up the atmosphere.

Where are the best seats at SSE Arena Wembley?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at SSE Arena Wembley. Seat block N6 gets the best rating at SSE Arena Wembley. Click for more information.

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